The abbreviated term Suiseki comes from the Japanese «Sansui» = landscape, «Kei» = viewing and «Seki» = stone.

A high-quality Suiseki meets precise criteria in terms of shape, colour, material, surface and patina and, thanks to its high power of suggestion, reflects the essence of landscapes, people, animals and other objects. In the art of Suiseki we can experience the entire universe and cultivate a mindful approach to ourselves and others.

I have been cultivating my great passion for Suiseki for more than 20 years. I have the most intense moments when looking for stones (Tanseki) in nature. In Switzerland there are many good areas with interesting geology. Finding a stone that stimulates my imagination is a great experience! Feeling the shaping forces of nature in the stone makes me awestruck and inspires me. My stones are always 100% in their natural state. True wonders!

Cleaning, caring for and presenting stones that I have come to love are my daily tasks. 
The combination with the Daiza turns a beautiful and well-kept stone into a Suiseki - its power of storytelling leads us into our own hearts.
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