Suiban are traditionally used in the presentation of Suiseki, but also for Ishizuki, Kusamono or Kokedama. The design language of my Suiban is based on old Japanese and Chinese Suiban, but often interpreted in my own voice. Since the vessels are very flat, millimetres determine the harmony of the proportions.
When I make Suiban to measure for a specific Suiseki, I am guided by the shape of the stone to achieve a coherent whole.
The colour palette of my glazes for the Suiban is restrained, semi-matt and tends towards the aesthetics of old copper and bronze bowls.
Besides Suiban, I also make bowls and vases for Ikebana, vessels for accent plants (Shitakusa), and various trays (Jita) to complement Bonsai and Suiseki displays.
Contact me for a perfectly crafted Suiban for your Suiseki, made to measure in size, shape and colour. 
I look forward to your order!
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