The Kingfisher (Japanese "Kawasemi") adorns our logo. We are fascinated and inspired by this bird!
Every encounter with this flying jewel is unforgettable: this exotic-looking bird darts across the surface of the water like an arrow, only to land on a branch the next moment with a precise maneuver. Out of deep inspiration, our works made of wood and clay pursue a clear effect: in a serving attitude towards the stone and as a unique piece, touchingly beautiful.
The Kingfisher also connects both worlds in which Nadja and Sandro are artistically active: The birds territory are the riverbanks where Sandro finds appealing stones at Tanseki and he builds his breeding cave in clayey embankments - the basic substance of which become unique Suiban under Nadja's hands. Together we want to bring beauty into the world - out of a broad understanding, supported by a deep aesthetic feeling - precisely executed.

I built the foundation for my current work with ceramics twenty years ago at the Liceo Artistico (art high school) in Zurich. The intensive occupation with the material clay, with forms, colours and precise observation shaped me early on. After turning my back on working with clay for many years, I learned how to turn on a wheel, glaze and fire in 2019. This has reignited my fascination for this material that humans have used for thousands of years.

It never ceases to amaze me how much a Suiban can change and help shape the effect of a Suiseki in terms of its form, colour and size. When Suiban and Suiseki are combined appropriately, they merge into one unity in which the stone plays the leading role and the Suiban modestly takes a back seat.

We have found our home on the Lindenberg in the Lucerne Seetal. The surrounding landscape enables me to connect deeply with nature, from which I draw the strength and inspiration for my creative process. With its mountains, lakes and rivers, Switzerland offers excellent opportunities to find beautiful stones.

I have been deepening my passion Suiseki for 20 years. Right from the start, my special focus was on carving precisely fitting and artistically complex wooden stands (Daiza) for beautiful stones. From 2015 I started to carve exclusive Daiza from precious wood for customers. More than 250 Daiza now adorn Suiseki in European and American collections.
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