Expressing our love for stones
We collect and cultivate Suiseki to finally enjoy their beauty in coherent presentations (kazari). It is amazing to feel how dynamic the art of Suiseki is: with seemingly immutable stones, there are unlimited possibilities to give the stone a voice. It is crucial that all elements of the Kazari are in harmony to be able to tell a story together with the stone.
Kawasemi Studios offers high quality, handcrafted bespoke Daiza and Suiban, as well as original Japanese presentation elements (antique and vintage):

- Scroll paintings (Kakejiku) in appropriate size
- Insert pictures (Shikishi and Tanzaku)
- Made-to-measure mounts (Kake) made of brocade fabric for insert pictures
- Presentation tables (Shoku)
- Urushi lacquer boards in different sizes
- Accompanying elements (Tenpai) such as small bronze animals
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