Noble woods in A Perfect shape
For me, carving a matching wooden stand (Daiza) for a cherished stone is a meditative work. It gives me great pleasure to face the technical and aesthetic challenges. My goal is to create the right "picture frame" for the stone, which underlines its character and forms a unity with it. Stone and Daiza must complement each other and thus merge into a work of art.

The stone provides clear answers to questions about the suitable design for the Daiza or about choosing the right wood. I make it my job to listen to it with devotion. Only by using the finest hardwoods and purely natural raw materials for the surface treatment it is achieved that the exclusive Daiza can age gracefully with the stone.

Out of conviction, I completely refrain from attaching with glue, screws or dowels. Each Premium Daiza is made from a single piece of unvarnished wood. It is the loving attention to the stone that guides me in my work. Complete the statement of your stone with an exclusive Daiza from my workshop.

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